Nornan Mirara, also known as The Sage, abandoned his country to go to Fenish once war broke out. For an elf Nornan is not very timeless. After meeting some new friends he helped build the town of Whitebridge.

Family Edit

Nornan in his lifetime had four wives and four sons. The first of his wives was Eilnala. She was a human who assisted in the building of Whitebridge. She birthed Yelqen Mirara. Yelqen explored Fenish and helped map the area close to Whitebridge.

His second wife was Ulalana she and Nornan married a few years after Eilnala passed away. Yelqen not liking that his father remarried went out into the world and his father never saw him again. Ulalana birthed Nornan another son, this one named Elasalor. Elasalor went to Ironhaven and learned from the creatures there how to build defenses to unwanted guests out. Ulalana began to get weak in her later years and could hardly get out of bed. Nornan spent as much time as he could with her until she finally passed away. Elasalor wrote down his ideas for future defenses days before he passed away and gave them to his father.

Liabella, Nornan's third wife spent many years with him before they had a child together. This child being Nornan's third son, Morfaren. Morfaren was taught about his brothers at a young age and was inspired to do something great for the town just like his brothers. Morfaren around this time met an elven doctor who called himself Dr. Valerie. Dr. Valerie inspired Morfaren to help people with medicine. Morfaren found a way to produce healing potions at much less of a cost of money, but at a cost of time and not being as effective. Morfaren in his last years of life wrote down a lot of his ramblings to himself and gave them to Dr. Valerie thinking maybe he could make something of them. Liabelle passed away within a year of her son.

Nornan was not ready to pursue marriage for over 200 years kept mostly to himself, reading whatever he could find. When he was finally ready again he married Faebella who birthed Nornan's most recent son, Tragerios. Tragerios left Whitebridge when he turned 20, not giving any hints to where he was going or what he was going to do.