Fenish Labeled

Fenish is a continent on Late Hart. It includes the main island of Udria, the smaller island of Gathos to the north, and the even smaller island of Ashye to the east.      

Udria Edit

On the outer parts of Udria are beaches. Coming inland you will see grasslands with a light amount of aspen trees. Coming deeper into the island you will begin to see a light amount of oak trees. Finally coming to the highest part of Udria you will see a large amount of pine trees. Wildlife varies from parts of the island, but if what you want to do is find an animal companion you can find it all over the island.

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Gathos Edit

Similar to Udria the outer parts of the island are covered in sand. After the sand ends the rest of the island is covered in tall grass and aspen trees.

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Ashye Edit

Ashye is the most dangerous of the three islands of Fenish. The wildlife on Ashye is stronger and faster than the wildlife on the other islands. Most people don't talk about the island of Ashye and those who do only spread rumors of the deceased.

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