Doctor Fausto Folostidius Fortunata, also known as just Fausto, is a Half-Elven medical researcher.

Background Edit

Fausto was born to The Human man Gio Fortunata and his wife, the elf Lucia Fortunata (neé Valerie). Raised in a generally scholarly household in the medically-inclined town of Whitebridge, Fausto quickly become enthralled with the medical arts. He spent a good portion of his time studying with his uncle, Dr. Airdan Valerie. With a basic knowledge of humanoid anatomy and chemistry, Fausto spent most of his 20s into his 30s being a general practitioner for the town.

Combating Zombies Edit

Fausto, in light of the zombie menace growing ever closer to his home town, strove to protect his friends from that which his uncle could not. Through vigorous study, he managed to find tales of demons and devils granting powers to those in need for a price. He used a dark ritual to track down the demon Jez'Gorad. In exchange for the price of blood, Jez'Gorad gifted Fausto with the knowledge and power to become a powerful magical warrior.